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About Eataly

About Eataly

The name Eataly originates from the fusion of two words: EAT and ITALY. The idea behind Eataly is simple: to gather all high-quality Italian food and drink under one roof, where you can eat, shop, and learn. Oscar Farinetti first envisioned the Eataly concept in 2004, and, after three years of research and planning, opened the first store in Turin, Italy, in January 2007.

Since 2004, Eataly has created and purchased shares in high-quality food and drink companies. Today, Eataly owns or is a partner in more than 19 companies that produce or distribute high-quality Italian products, including: natural spring water, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, fresh meats, cured meats, cheese, pasta, and pastries. These companies supply approximately 25% of Eataly’s retail products, while the other 75% is purchased from over 2,000 regional producers.

There are 38 Eataly stores around the world with the highest number concentrated in Italy. Among the Italian stores, there are Turin Lingotto, Turin Lagrange, Pinerolo, Asti, Monticello d’Alba, Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Rome Ostiense, Rome Repubblica, Bari, Forlì, Piacenza, and Florence. Worldwide, there are two stores in Japan, two in Dubai, one in Chicago, two in New York City, one in Istanbul, one in São Paolo, one in Seoul, one in Munich, and now one in Copenhagen.