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Pesto…not only Basil

Pesto…not only Basil

Pesto... ikke kun med Basilikum

  • March 15, 2017
    17:30 - 20:00



Chef’s Workshop

Pesto is one of the pillars of Italian cuisine and has a long tradition. Romans used to crush (in Italian “pestare”) cheese, garlic and herbs together, to create a delicious sauce named “moretum”. Pesto from Genova – made with basil, garlic and Parmigiano – is the most known, but come and join us at La Scuola to learn all about its regional versions.

In this class, guests will:

• Learn more about pesto’s history;
• Prepare traditional basil pesto with mortar and pesto;
• Explore two more pesto variations, with sun-dried tomatoes and with pumpkin;
• Pair and enjoy the pesto with three different pasta shape;
• Take home recipes of the meal prepared together.

Since we will be cooking in Eataly’s “home kitchen”, we ask you to bring your personal apron from home, in order to be ready to participate in the cooking activities.

Class duration may vary by 10-15 minutes. Seating is first-come first served.

Flavia Giordano, 100% from Puglia, is a food writer and author of recipe books. She worked for Coldiretti, creating the first Southern Italian educational farm network (called masserie didattiche), designing an interactive book for children and organising workshops for them. With the Chamber of Commerce Union she worked to promote typical Italian products and companies, with a special focus on food diversity. Free-thinker foodie, digital nomad between Sweden, Denmark and Italy. Her mission? Spread the love about cooking Italian food.

Linguine al pesto di basilico e Parmigiano Reggiano
Gnocchi al pesto di pomodori secchi, ricotta e mandorle
Pennette al pesto di zucca, nocciole e caprino

Wines to be determined

Menu and wines might be subject to changes.