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Coop Denmark

Coop was founded 150 year ago, inspired by the British co-operative movement, reverend soon took the initiative in 1866 to establish Dernmark’s firs co-operative society. The aim was to make food better and cheaper for the ordinary working man.
today coop is the largest retail company in Denmark: with 1,200 stores in 5 different chains, Kvickly, Superbrugsen, Dagli’brugsen, Fakta and Irma – and approximately 40,000 employees. Coop market shares is approx. 37 percent and revenues of approx 35 billion dkk (incl. Vat).
During the last three years Coop has increased the efforts to improve food-quality in Denmark and has developed a food manifesto to put good meals and good choices on the agenda in Denmark.



Illum is a Danish department store leader in luxury retail and features a successful mix of fashion, design and beauty from top Scandinavian and international designers. Their story starts in 1891, when a small shop opened its doors. 125 years later Illum has expanded into the most exclusive department store in Scandinavia. Illum was bought by the Italian department store La Rinascente bringing with it more than 150 years of experience operating department stores and like Illum, offers the best in fashion, accessories, beauty, interior and decor, design and gastronomic delicatessens.


The people who made Eataly Copenhagen happen


Archilabo: a group of architects following different projects, from public buildings to residential areas and interior design, since the 90’s in Monza, Milano.


Artemide: Artemide is world leader in residential and professional lighting. All Eataly Copenhagen lights are Artemide’s.


Bose: founded in 1964, they have passion and care for innovation in developing new and unique audio solutions, to always be at the best, even in the space program shuttle. They develop the sound of every Eataly store.


Costagroup: Franco Costa, his family and his staff of shop fitters are unique. Brilliant and pragmatic at the same time, they know how to make Eataly’s ideas come true.


Electrolux: we are powered by Electrolux, as concerns cooking instruments and preservation ones in our restaurants.


Exa Group: Exa is a general contractor that has gained unique experience in the retail sector by working with some of the most prestigious fashion brands. They coordinate the entire construction process, from feasibility study to construction: Eataly Copenhagen is happening also thanks to their hard work.


Gpaia Architecture: Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects is a Toronto based design firm, led since 1995 by Ralph Giannone and Pina Petricone, partners in both life and work. Their keen instinct for urban culture, passion for fashioning provocative spaces and an evolving search for unconventional uses of forms and materials are the keys of their partnership with Eataly.


Lisart: Antonio Lissoni and his sons are with Eataly since the beginning. They use the best wood ever and with it they do their magic, creating high quality and beautiful furniture.


Marana Forni: founded in the late 1980s in Verona, Marana® Forni not only produces and sells wood, gas, pellet and combined ovens for pizza and food baking in general, but also boasts qualified staff in all sectors. Marana Forni are one of their kind because of the rotation and the possibility of lifting the cooking surface. Eataly’s owens are Marana, of course.


Officine Vio: their production is about iron structures, glass windows and air conditioning, offering the best high quality systems. For this reason Eataly chooses Officine Vio.


Oscartielle: 50 years of experience, a continuous update and a quality managing system iso 9001 certified make Oscartielle the top quality refrigerator aisles producer. For all these reasons Eataly chooses Oscartielle every time.


Polin: the biggest Italian industry as concerns designing and production of ovens and bread, pastry and biscuits machines. Eataly’s pizza oven is Polin’s.


Projecad: Projecad offers electric projects, consultation, testing and coordination to realize tech systems. Eataly uses their services.

Riva: since 1920 Riva hardly works on the project of producing furniture defying time and respecting the environment. Passion, enthusiasm, continuous quality research and ability to thrill are the common values of Riva and Eataly, to celebrate the great made in Italy.


Self Italia: 15 years of experience in producing upholsteries. Self Italia offers a rich portfolio, with so many solutions mixed together to create a perfect fusion.


Valcucine: their kitchens are the best since 30 years. Innovation, healthiness and last longing are their features. Eataly Copenhagen kitchen are by Valcucine.